The Pasadena Roof Orchestra

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra (PRO) is sort of the original band of the swing revival that world stars like Robbie Williams or Bryan Ferry referred to and relied on. A Swing orchestra as the perfect entertainment and dance engine! Perfect 20's feeling presented technically brilliant, upsetting and with an incomparably classy musical humor.

The ensemble exists for almost 50 years now - that's three times longer than the swing era itself. The Pasadena Roof Orchestra was founded in 1969 - times when people were hoping Armstrong and Aldrin get safe to the moon and back, and a phone call on the go was impossible without a phone booth at the next corner. Swing enthusiast and later founder of the PRO, John Arthy found over 1.000 dance arrangements of the 20s and 30s on his attic: the future capital of the ensemble. Over the following decades the Pasadena Roof Orchestra earned the reputation to carry swing music intriguingly authentic into present times - to avoid saying: they saved it! So if anyone has every right to say that they are not only playing swing music but be swing music, it is this 11-headed ensemble and his today's bandleader and silky-soft master crooner Duncan Galloway.